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Let the other kiters go green with envy

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Liquid Force Envy - complete

Rock solid stability in flight, great hang time, central pivot point and an almost effortless relaunch are the highlights to describe Envy best. The ultra light 3 strut construction is perfect for an allround application. The kite gives a good response at the bar and steering commands are converted immediately.
Start your Envy and it is the last time during this session you have to care about the kite. The flight properties of Envy are perfect for progressive wave riding and free style.

Landing failed? Did you go under the kite at the bottom turn? Don't worry. Due to its design the Envy will sail in front of you. You can completely concentrate on yourself, your tricks and your board.

  • 100% depower CPR-control
  • Max Flow Inflation System
  • Overwhelming quality of the drapery
  • Enforced leading edge construction
  • Bridle System USB 2.0
  • Diamond Wingtip
  • Slant Jet Struts
  • Kite
  • Bag
  • Pump
  • CPR Control System

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kite, bag, CPR control system, pump
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